Supervisory and Employee Training Programs

Our comprehensive training program ensures that your facilities are staffed by competent professionals who perform the proper maintenance procedures according to established guidelines and ensure the safety and security of your facilities at all times.

Our training program includes:

  • Ground Rules for Custodians
  • Farrell’s Concepts of Quality Seminar
  • Floor Care Workshops, JohnsonDiversey/Taski
  • CCC – Carpet Cleaning Class
  • Restroom/Locker Room Maintenance
  • Chemical Training, JohnsonDiversey/Taski
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training
  • Introduction to Supervisor
  • Franklin Covey Time Management
  • RBSM Training Courses
    • Account Management
    • Hiring and Firing
    • Motivating and Training
    • Personnel Policies
    • Safety and Security
    • Floor care, Carpet care and Cleaning Chemicals
    • General Office Cleaning and Specialty Services
  • Customer Care

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